Snow causing change of plans for big game Sunday activities in northern part of region


GLENS FALLS, NY (WRGB) Snowy slushy roads caused a drop in attendance at early mass at St Mary church in Glens Falls.

"I was a little surprised because it didn't seem like a lot of snow," Melissa Seale, a patron of the church.

For the coming snow this evening, everyone's focused on food and football.

Empire Pizza has been getting orders up to two days ahead of time for the big game.

When that game time rush kicks in, it’s organized chaos in the kitchen. They double their delivery staff so even with the snow, they won't be backed up.

"The thing with the super bowl is everybody wants it at the same time," says Lauren Ureonowicz, manager at Empire Pizza.

And they haven't forgotten about the snowy roads either. In fact their manager says that works in their favor.

"Nobody wants to go outside. They want to stay inside and watch the game, and that's what we're here for," Ureonowicz says.

And because of that they're increasing their inventory. Their manager say that they have enough ingredients to make over 3,000 pizzas.

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