Snow-day stand has offered lemonade, tacos, and massage -- so far


SOUTH GLENS FALLS -- "On snow days, everyone's inside and they're all doing this (pretends to text on phone) and that drives me crazy!"

To pull his kids away from their phones and get them outside, John Wolfe needed to do something... creative.

Sleeveless and serious, Wolfe started small.

The father of four set up in the snow outside his South Glens Falls home, selling lemonade.

Only 25 cents a cup, good deal.

The next storm he kicked it up a notch: hot tacos, 75 cents.

Today, it's Swedish massages.

"My daughter's an LMT so that's my experience," he joked.

Wolfe says she's the one who took these photos and posted them on the internet where they've gone viral.

"Some of her friends will write on Facebook 'oh I wish I could come live at your house!'"

But Wolfe says he wasn't always the dad he is today.

He remembers darker times, before he was sober.

"I was actually drinking around the clock."

Wolfe says it nearly killed him.

"Once you come back from that, it kind of puts you in a good mood and it just stayed like that for four years now."

Wolfe says he wants to put others in a good mood too, even if it embarrasses his children just a little bit.

Besides, after today's back breaking work digging out, who wouldn't want a massage?

"Later on tonight, when everyone's tired of plowing and shoveling, there's going to be a line here!"

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