Spa City celebrating a frosty First Night


SARATOGA SPRINGS -- No matter how cold it gets tonight, Organizers say first night will still go as planned. And there are several ways you can keep warm and cozy as you enter 2018.

There will be three heaters throughout the event to keep you warm. One in front of the arts center, two in front of the NBT bank parking lot.

Organizers say all the food trucks will have heaters near them as well. But the temps forced some vendors to move indoors.

"Vendors are pretty sustainable when you are around 20 degrees, you get below that, sometimes their equipment won't work, and if they're not in a truck they don't want to stand there and freeze," said coordinator Alix Jones.

That's why they're making the extra precautions so the patrons can warm up, and so can the bands.

As for the attendees, some first-timers are just gonna shake off the heat, they'll be welcoming the new year in layers.

And there's no need to worry about getting around, Capital District Transportation Authority buses will be at every stop, every 15 minutes. And during the main event at midnight, the fireworks display in Congress Park will be shortened from 20 to 15 minutes, so you won't be shivering as much when we all enter 2018.

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