Special elections could mean shift in NYS senate


A possible shift in power may soon be seen in Albany. Right now, all eyes are on the New York State Senate as the Democrats hope to gain the majority for the first time In seven years.

That would be significant because New York would then have a Democratic Senate, Assembly and Governor.

The road that the Democrats hope will lead them to power started Monday when they welcomed back eight members of their party, known as the Independent Democratic Caucus, who had been aligned with the Republicans for years. The Democrats are now also looking toward two upcoming special elections where they hope to pick up two more seats and become the majority.

The party that controls the Senate effects what type of legislation is taken up, and how lawmakers vote.

Senator George Amedore is one of several Republicans who represent the Capital Region. He told CBS6 News that he is concerned about the balance of power in New York and what that will mean for the area.

“New York State needs a balance. It needs a balance on its government and there’s no question we know what it looked like in 2009 and 2010 when there was absolute one party rule,” said Senator Amedore. “We can’t afford to have one party rule and have New York City and the influence of New York City Democrats rule all branches of government.”

Senator Neil Breslin is a Democrat who represents part of the Capital Region. He told CBS6 News that a shift in power will be good for the area as lawmakers vote on issues like minimum wage, healthcare and education.

“It will do much to enhance Upstate New York, particularly this area, and it will close gridlock. If we live in a state where three out of four voters are democrats it seems to me very unusual the Senate isn’t Democratic,” said Senator Breslin.

The special elections are later this month.

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