St. Rose students work to solve cold case mysteries


ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) - Twenty years have passed since Suzanne Lyall went missing. She was last seen in at a bus circle at the University of Albany back in 1998. Police are treating the case as a homicide, even though she's never been found.

Her mother Mary says it's eaten away at her. She's been looking for someone or something that can give the case new life.

"Somebody is gonna finally say, 'Look, it's gone on long enough.' I know there's somebody out there that knows something about this," says Mary Lyall.

She's getting 14 eager young investigators with the new Cold Case Analysis Center, a one-year internship offered by the College of St. Rose where students get hands on experience with cold cases. Lyall says it renews her faith that she'll finally find out what happened to her daughter.

"When I walked out of the class the first night, I just thought, thank you,” Lyall said.

The students get trained on the same techniques used by law enforcement, and apply that training to review real cases like Suzanne's.

"It's so important. There's so many people out there who want to say something,” says Jaqueline Danek, a senior.

Danek says she's taking this internship to prepare for law school, and to help people, which is why she says she chose this line of work.

"This opportunity is really important for what we want to do and to be able to help people like Mary, it's life changing," Danek said.

The College of St Rose says students are working on setting up a tip line.

They also say their Cold Case Analysis Center is the only one of its kind in the state.

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