State Police: Mother was not in vehicle during road rage event

Natia Shim is shown last month, after an incident in which she says she and her son were in the car together, when several people attacked. State Police have charged Shim with making a false statement, saying she was not in the vehicle with her son when the attack took place.

"The comments she made that were televised were untrue. There weren't comments made about racial supremacy," said Major Robert Patnaude, NYS Police.

Just last month, Natia Shim spoke to CBS6 as the *victim of a road rage incident that some were calling a hate crime.

"They were yelling that they were the white supremacists and we n-words do not belong in their country."

Tonight, she is on our air as the accused.

"If we could take everyone at their word our job would be a lot easier."

New York State Police Major Robert Patnaude says Shim is charged with making a false written statement.

He says the 34-year-old had reported to police that she was a passenger in a car with her son driving in Latham, when they were run off the road by a group of white people who Shim said started beating their car with baseball bats while shouting racial slurs.

Patnaude says their investigation revealed Shim -- was never actually there.

He says the incident had nothing to do with race, but he says it did happen.

"Because they believed that it was a car involved in an incident that one of their family members got hurt the day before."

Three people have been charged -- 50 year old Phillip Quandt, 51 year old Kristen Wright, and 34 year old Christopher Allen.

Patnaude says this was not a hate crime, and that Shim's false report is unfortunate, because he says it caused a lot of upset in the black community.

"The African American community locally was very upset, and rightfully so. ... We received some criticism initially for not moving on this faster, but that night it happened our troopers felt the information was contradictory and might not be true, so we took our time, made sure we were doing the right thing, and arresting the right people."

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