State providing financial support to counties facing flu crisis

Flu Crisis.jpg

ALBANY, NY - Counties across New York State are getting more financial support to battle the flu epidemic.

This as new data from the CDC shows nationally, This current flu season now rivals the historic “Swine Flu” of 2009.

"Of the last 37 years, this is the top two or three that I've seen”, Dr. James Saperstone tells CBS 6.

Governor Cuomo has authorized "enhanced reimbursement" to counties. State Health Department Deputy Commissioner Brad Hutton says it'll help fund expanded efforts to promote and increase access to flu vaccines.

"It would support activities such as actually providing vaccine - but also would cover other, broader activities such as promotional, helping educate consumers in their area”, Hutton said.

15,753 laboratory confirmed influenza cases have been reported to the NY State DOH, and 2,349 New Yorkers have been hospitalized with confirmed influenza.

The HealthMap Vaccine Finder identifies locations where vaccines can be found at locations in New York State at

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