Sunday January 6th is Enjoy Troy Day


You are urged to help Enjoy Troy by celebrating on January 6th.

Back on the evening of Jan. 5, 1789, a group of "Freeholders" on the eastern banks of the Hudson River met in a tavern to officially rename the place "TROY." The following day, Jan. 6, was Troy, NY's first full day in existence.

Tom Reynolds, manager of The Enjoy Troy Co, joined CBS 6 Saturday morning to talk about the event and history.

This year on Sunday Jan.6, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., a group of local dignitaries, citizens and characters will gather at McAddy’s Pub for a brief ceremony and party commemorating the historic naming of Troy. You are invited to bring along any Troy memorabilia you may own.

Located at 452 Broadway, the McAddy’s Pub buildings have had a saloon on the premises as early as 1891. In the early 20th century, the barroom was refurbished by The Stoll Brewing Company of Troy and served Stoll’s beer exclusively. Over the years, the establishment has also gone by other names, including “Circassian Cafe,” “Eddie’s” and “Holmes & Watson.”

“McAddy’s now inhabits one of the most storied tavern rooms in Troy,” said Tom Reynolds, manager of The Enjoy Troy Co., noting that the tavern where the name Troy originated from — Ashley’s Inn — was located near the northeast corner of River and Ferry streets and is no longer standing today.

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden even issued a formal proclamation recognizing January 6, 2019 as Enjoy Troy Day in the City of Troy, New York, "in recognition of all who contribute to the beauty, and warmth and conviviality of our vibrant and diverse community."




WHEREAS, the name Troy, New York was officially adopted by a group of citizens who met at a tavern, near the northeast corner of River and Ferry streets, on the evening of January 5th, 1789; and

WHEREAS, those citizens advertised their collective decision, which was printed in the Lansingburgh and Albany papers, and read as follows: “To the Public. This evening the Freeholders of the place lately known by Vander Heyden's or Ashley's-Ferry, situate on the east bank of Hudson's river, about seven miles above Albany, met for the purpose of establishing a name for the said place; when, by a majority of voices, it was confirmed, that in future, it should be called and known by the name of TROY;” and

WHEREAS, Troy, New York became a village in 1796 and incorporated as a city in 1816; and

WHEREAS, the name “Troy,” borrowed from the famed city of ancient Greek chronicles, was an expression of optimism for what the community would become; and

WHEREAS, the people of Troy today have reinvigorated a similar optimism for our city’s destiny; and

WHEREAS, the Enjoy Troy Co., through its beloved oval “enjoy troy.” symbol, works tirelessly to spread a simple mandate for civic pride that all can embrace in their own unique way; and

WHEREAS, since 2015, The Enjoy Troy Co. has promoted the celebration of January 6th as the first full day that Troy, NY existed; and

WHEREAS, this Sunday January 6th, a gathering of Trojans will mark the occasion at McAddy's Pub, one of this city’s most storied tavern rooms;

THEREFORE, I, Patrick Madden, Mayor of the City of Troy, do hereby proclaim January 6th, 2019 as ENJOY TROY DAY in the City of Troy, New York, in recognition of all who keep up the beauty, and warmth and conviviality in our community.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the City of Troy, New York to be affixed this 3rd day of January 2019.

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