Surveillance video shows confrontation before man shoots neighbor with BB gun


"Don't (expletive) get on my property again," Robert Paturso yelled to his neighbor.

That's right after Paturso called police about someone spraying profanity on his trailer Tuesday morning. Paturso saw his neighbor Brian Beloncick coming onto his property through a surveillance camera at his house. Police believe Beloncik is behind that vandalism.

"He was trying to do something else to the trailer,” Paturso said.

After being caught on Paturso's property, Beloncik starts throwing things at him.

"come on come on," Paturso says on the surveillance footage.

Beloncikl throws things at Paturso even as he goes back into his house.

Rotterdam police say these two have a history of disputes. This time it got violent. Paturso says police hid outside Beloncik's house, while he tried to lure him out,

"He shot me," Paturso cried out.

Paturso says Beloncick shot him with a bb gun from his window.

"He (expletive) shot me," Paturso told police in shock.

Backup arrives and Beloncick barricades himself in his house for hours, before he's finally forced out by tear gas. Paturso says he hopes this can end the feud with his neighbor.

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