Teachers' union proud of student walkouts


"We're proud of our students."

A sense of fulfillment - that's what Carl Korn says teachers felt on seeing demonstrations led by students of their own.

"To see or students take that lesson to heart and to speak out to effect change is heartwarming to teachers."

Korn is a spokesperson for the New York State United Teachers. He says the walkouts on Wednesday brought up important points for both students and teachers.

"There can't be a worse idea than arming teachers."

Korn says the union's teachers want more investment in school social workers and even metal detector security.

"No child should ever have to go to school, no teacher should ever have to go to school, and wonder whether or not they're going to become a victim of a mass shooting."

NYSUT shared tweets on its website from teachers and school workers supporting Wednesday's walkouts, in solidarity with their students.

"We're here to stand with our students we think it's an important lesson that they've now taken to heart and acted on."

There were some schools - locally, too - that said students who walked out would face disciplinary action. In response to that, Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a letter today to Education Department Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia asking for state education officials to look into these reports of schools that prevented student participation in Wednesday's national movement.

The governor got a response from Elia saying in part, "I stand with you in support of New York's students who express themselves," and the matter is being discussed and investigated.

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