Teen recovering after being struck, neighbors concerned about road safety

Madison Dunlap

COLONIE -- A Colonie teen is recovering after being hit by a car just down the street from her home.

Friends say Madison Dunlap, 15, is in critical condition — but making progress — at Albany Med.

Right now, the focus is on the teen's recovery. One minute she was walking her dog, the next she was hit by a car and badly hurt on Albany Street in Colonie.

"The doctors reported there's no brain damage. She's got a couple of broken bones, but nothing that's going to affect her so far, from what we're hearing,” explained JJ Harvey, one of Madison’s basketball trainers.

At the scene, the questions are swirling. People who live in the area are speaking out about a long-standing problem.

Albany Street runs parallel to Central Avenue, a major road with a higher speed limit. Neighbors say, more often than not, drivers speed down their street to skirt the traffic.

"They speed so quickly down the street, they don't stop. I've seen them go over the double line and pass school buses at time,” explained Virginia Dellheim, who lives along the road.

Colonie Police have fielded so many complaints, they're using grant money to beef up patrols on Albany Street, hoping to crack down on speeding and aggressive driving.

"Hopefully things will start changing now, and we can have a better future for this road,” said Amber Harrison, who lives near the crash scene.

CBS 6 did speak with the driver of the car today — the same man who stayed on the scene and called 911 right after this happened.

He wouldn't comment other than to say this is a very sad situation.

Police are still looking into what happened and haven't announced any charges — or what led to the crash.

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