Albany man charged with attempted murder in Central Avenue shooting


Shots rang out early Saturday morning outside Club Phoenix on Central Avenue.

Police say a 42-year-old man was hit several times in the torso, and that they arrested 25 year-old Shaquille Owens within minutes of arriving on scene.

Police say this was a planned attack.

Now Owens has been charged with attempted murder.

"When somebody intends to shoot someone, they're often going to do it. "

Albany Public Information Officer Steve Smith says two other people were caught in the crossfire.

They were both taken to Albany Medical Center and released.

Smith says this was an isolated incident, and that Club Phoenix doesn't have a history of violence.

But he says there were close to a hundred people at the club when this happened.

"When you add the component of all these people, it just goes to show you, two individuals that weren't even the intended target, sustained gunshot wounds."

The shooting has drawn the attention of Albany Concerned Citizens, a group formed after a recent increase in violence this summer.

"It's kind of depressing, you have your phone on you, you get that call, and it's kind of disturbing."

Jamil Hood of Albany Concerned Citizens says the message of peace that they've been pushed for months, is still resonating.

"When tempers flare, there are other ways to handle those things and we have to find ways to work on those."

Albany police are also cracking down on gun violence.

Police say they've seized 67 illegal guns off the street this year.

In this case, police haven't said if they've recovered a weapon yet.

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