Troy Mayor explains how city came up with the money to fix closed pools


    TROY, N.Y. (WRGB) – Good news for families in Troy !

    The South Troy Pool is set to open this summer if the city is able to secure a contractor who can get the job done.

    Tonight Mayor Patrick Madden explains how the city finally secured the funding to give both of Troy’s shuttered pools new life.

    “We struck a balance, and I think we’re at a point now where we can get this done,” Madden said.

    Madden is optimistic the closed city pools will finally get the fix they need.

    “We recognize the value of the pools, we recognize how passionate people are about the pools,” Madden said.

    The South Troy Pool and Knickerbacker Park Pool closed in 2017 and 2018 after they were deemed unsafe, leaving families without anywhere to cool off.

    Two years ago, city officials said it would cost $4 million to fix the pools or $8 million to replace them altogether.

    The cost is what held them back, but then in November the city council approved a budget with $6.3 million set aside to repair the South Troy Pool and replace the one in Knickerbacker Park.

    “The council authorized bonding for the pool so we are going to be borrowing the lion’s share of what's necessary. In addition, Asm. McDonald has come forward with some state funds to offset a portion of the cost,” Madden said.

    Another contributor, Mayor Madden says the city's in a better financial situation overall.

    “We've been saddled with some significant debt over the past 25 years and that debt is beginning to taper off,” Madden said.

    The mayor tells us the pool construction will not lead to an increase in taxes.

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