Troy city council tables sanctuary city resolution


TROY, N.Y. (WRGB) - Troy City Council voted Thursday night to table a controversial resolution that would declare Troy a sanctuary city.

"Ladies and gentleman, the city of Troy has officially entered the twilight zone," said Troy PBA President Nicholas Laviano.

Thursday was a tale of two hopes for Troy.

Those who wish for the city to be a sanctuary city and pleaded with members of city council to pass a resolution declaring it so.

"If you think we've been unruly in our defense of our neighbors and our city, you haven't seen anything yet," said a resident.

Supporters included a mother of two who spoke about her experience being detained by ICE and fearing separation from her children.

"I implore you to make Troy a sanctuary city so that something like this never happens again to anyone else in this city," she said.

On the other side, dozens showed up asking their council members to oppose the resolution, citing safety concerns and wanting immigrants to come to Troy legally.

"It sets a precedence that any law can be broken by anyone. They have chosen not to obey our laws in order to become a citizen. They know the consequences when they made that choice. Why should we protect them?" a resident said.

Laviano argued that the resolution undermines the police department by limiting their ability to question and investigate.

"I will gladly violate this resolution every day I work if it means assisting any law enforcement entity that finds themselves in the city of Troy attempting to do their job," he said.

The Council will take up the issue again in January.

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