Update: Troy homicide investigation continues


Evidence technicians and Detectives remain at the home where four people were found dead in their basement apartment, including two children, ages 11 and five.

Pastor Jackie Robinson Sr., Oak Grove Baptist Church, said, "You know, killing people period is terrible, but killing children, you know, that is unimaginable."

Robinson says he's been counseling and speaking with children in the community.

"They're traumatized, a lot of grown folk are traumatized. This monster is still out there."

Police say no one is in custody, and they don't have a person of interest. Troy police chief John Tedesco says the bodies were found just before one pm the day after Christmas in their basement apartment. He wouldn't answer whether a weapon was found, nor much about the scene.

"I don't need to speak about the horrific events that took place. Especially dealing with children."

Chief Tedesco says his department is working with the New York State police major crimes unit, its forensic team and computer crimes unit, as well as New York State parole.

"I can simply say in my career and I think of anyone else this is the worst we've experienced."

The chief says he doesn't believe the community is in danger, and says they are Employing every resource to make sure this community is safe.

Robinson said, "Until they catch whoever did it. Apprehend whoever did it, then there are certainly reasons to be fearful cause we don't know who did it."

Pastor Robinson is calling on people in the community to work with police as best they can.

UPDATE: Victory Christian Church of Albany is offering a reward of $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the murders of the two women and two children found dead in a Troy apartment on Tuesday.

Information can be given to Troy police or call Victory Church Pastor Charlie Muller at 518-857-0726.

TROY (WRGB) Troy Police say victims in Tuesday's quadruple homicide are two children ages 5 and 11 and two adults.

During a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Troy Police Chief John Tedesco gave some details about the discovery of the four bodies in a basement apartment at 158 2nd Avenue in Troy on Tuesday afternoon. The names of the victims were not released. The investigation is continuing.

Tedesco would not reveal how the crime took place, other than to say that it was bad. He said, “I don't need to speak about the horrific events that took place, especially dealing with children.”

Tedesco said that he does not believe it was a random act, and does not believe any imminent danger to community.

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