Troy Mayor sits down to explain his choices after naming new chief of police, assistants

Assistant Chief Brian Owens (center) will be Troy's new Police Chief. Captains Daniel DeWolf (left) and Chris Kehn (right) will be the new Assistant Chiefs.

The City of Troy has named a new police chief to replace recently retired Chief John Tedesco, who was on the force for more than 40 years.

This afternoon, the mayor also named two new assistant chiefs in what amounts to sweeping new leadership at the police department.

The new leadership comes as the department deals with two public controversies.

CBS 6’s Anne McCloy sat down with Troy Mayor Patrick Madden just hours after the announcement was made Thursday.

“It’s a very exciting time to be able to change the entire leadership of the department, not because I didn’t like what was there before, but because it breaks the inertia,” Madden said.

Each of the department’s new leaders currently works at the department. Assistant Chief Brian Owens has been promoted to police chief.

“He shows great leadership, we share values which is always critically important to me,” Madden said.

Captain Dan DeWolf, the current department spokesperson, who is in charge of a platoon, is promoted to Assistant Chief. The mayor says he added another Assistant Chief position, Capt. Chris Kehn, will fill the new role. He's most recently been in charge of training officers.

“They had all interviewed for the Assistant Chief position that opened from the retirement of Buddy McAvoy, so I had been through the interviews already,” Madden said.

I asked the mayor how the next leadership plans to move forward after a recent investigation by the Attorney General’s Office called for changes, after the shooting death an unarmed black man named Edson Thevenin.

“These are things we have been talking about, I don’t have any issue with the recommendations that were made,” Madden said.

I also asked the mayor the next steps for the department’s drug unit, which is currently under investigation by NYS State Police, after two officers were indicted on charges of wrongdoing.

“It will come back to us for the internal review, and we will move swiftly on that,” Madden said.

I asked the mayor why he decided to promote from within, instead of going outside.

“I know their character and their background, and I’m very confident in their abilities to lead the department,” Madden said.

The new leadership is not officially sworn in, as Mayor Madden says a date has not been set for the ceremony.

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