Troy Police: Early morning raid nets stolen gun, cocaine


TROY, NY (WRGB) After a weeks-long investigation, SWAT teams raided a house on 274 3rd street in Troy on Tuesday night, and arrested 38 year-old Melvin Nelson. A second man, 23 year-old Dyshawn Fisher turned himself into police soon after. Police also found close to an ounce of cocaine in the house.

"Primarily it was the firearms that we were keying in on," says Assistant Chief Dan DeWolf.

DeWolf says the revolver was stolen, and is from Pennsylvania. DeWolf also says it may be linked to a separate shooting investigation in Troy.

"The fact that it's stolen out of Pennsylvania, is another indication that, who else has had this gun in the meantime?,” DeWolf says.

DeWolf says the suspicion of a loaded weapon in the house justified the extra manpower in the raid.

"The investigation indicated that there may be a weapon or more weapons that were in that house. So for safety's sake we always activate or emergency response team," he said.

DeWolf says this raid is also part of a larger effort to deter crime in that neighborhood, with added patrols.

We're trying to do that in all different parts of the city but that's one part of the city that we're concentrating on,” he said.

Both men were charged with criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of stolen property. They have both been arraigned in city court.

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