Troy residents protest after AG report on officer-involved shootings


"They covered up a murder. What else would they cover up?" asked Troy resident Messiah Cooper.

At a protest Thursday, Troy residents didn't hold back in their public shaming of the city's police department.

"The scope and depth of the cover up by the Troy police in the Thevenin case is astounding and chilling," said attorney Mark Mishler.

The harsh criticism comes in response to a scathing report by the Attorney General that blasted the department's handling of the officer involved death of Edson Thevenin.

The 37 year old father of two was shot and killed back in 2016 by Sergeant Randall French during a police pursuit.

In the report released this week, the AG accuses Troy police of multiple failures in their investigation.

"Now we know for certain that neither the pursuit of truth, nor public accountability are the goals of the Troy police department," Mishler said.

But some city officials, like Mayor Patrick Madden, came out in defense of the department.

Madden released a statement saying he believes the report unfairly puts Troy police in a negative light, an opinion that outraged many members of the community.

"You can't allow us to be shot down in the street and no one say anything about it," Cooper said.

Cooper is Dahmeek McDonald's uncle. McDonald was in a car, unarmed, when he was shot by a Troy officer last summer during a traffic stop.

Police said he was wanted on parole.

Tonight Cooper joined protestors in demanding justice for both his nephew and Thevenin. They're demanding the implementation of the changes recommended by the AG in his report, including a review of how investigations into officer involved deaths are handled, as well as the creation of what they say is a genuine civilian review board to oversee the Troy police department.

"We do not want to see any more of our children shot by the Troy police department. We do not want more police officers to become murderers. It is avoidable. Our children are not collateral damage," said Troy resident Amani Olugbala.

Madden gave this statement in response to the protest:

"Freedom of speech and respectful conversation are important parts of a functioning and open democracy. The City of Troy fully supports the public’s right to gather peacefully and express their opinions on issues involving our community.”

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