Two years later, Trump Clinton owe Albany $70k in security costs from campaign visits


Campaign visits can be costly. In this case, Albany taxpayers are helping front the bill. 2016 Presidential candidates John Kasich, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, all visited the Capital City, and all accrued costs for extra police presence during their visits. City records show Kasich and Sanders have paid the city back. Kasich owed $900. Sanders owed $8,400.

"We have an obligation to provide public safety, We don't care about red dollars, we don't care about blue dollars, we care about green dollars for our taxpayers,” says city Treasurer Darius Shahinfar.

Invoices obtained by CBS 6 show the Clinton campaign owes $14,590 for her visit to Albany, President Trump owes $56,405 for his campaign rally at the Times Union Center in April of 2016. Neither campaign responded to a request for comment.

"The city taxpayers are on the hook for these bills,” Shahinfar said.

Shahinfar says the next action the city can take is to enter the collections process, and take legal action, A spokesperson at Mayor Kathy Sheehan's office says they haven't decided what to do yet.

"Decisions will have to be made. What are our chances of exhibiting that there was a contract or an obligation for these campaigns to pay?" Shahinfar says.

Shahinfar says the city billed the candidates after their visit, because they wouldn't know how much overtime they'd accrue until after they left.

"Often times there aren't agreements ahead of time for city services,” he said.

City officials say if either campaign wants to make another visit to the city, they’ll have to pay their bills before getting access to city services.

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