Vehicle slams into home in Schenectady


    What we know so far is that a car veered off Michigan Avenue early Sunday morning and kept going. It didn't stop until it plowed through several houses on the block.

    Our cameras were there as Michael Hunt and his wife first saw what happened last night around 4 a.m. Little is left of his porch.

    "We didn't even come home last night and we come home to this shock. Oh babe look your books are okay," Hunt said.

    Hunt says he just bought the house, and didn't look forward to breaking the news to his realtor.

    "You got to be kidding me," his realtor said. "I'm not @#$&ing kidding you this is what I came home to," Hunt said.

    Hunt says the crash destroyed the only way inside. The city's deemed the house unsafe, so for now his family will have to find another place to live. For now, he's pondering how the car even made it to his house.

    "From there to there to there, what did it do? Did it fly?” Hunt said.

    Hunt, who says he’s insured, is glad his dog wasn't hurt, and is staying optimistic.

    "In a way, it kinda leaves us to not to have to do the porch, I'm trying to look on the bright side here honestly," Hunt said.

    Police say the driver was there when they arrived, but haven't said if anyone's been arrested. For now, they're still investigating what caused the driver to go off-road.

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