Vermont teen’s amazing recovery from brain aneurysm is focus of published children’s book


A Vermont teen is a newly published children's author, and her book is being sold at a Saratoga Springs bookstore.

Her inspiring tale is based on a true story that involves a hospital stay, a wish, and a whole lot of turtles.

17-year-old Jamie Heath officially got published, after an experience that few adults have handled so well.

“This is so much more than I could’ve ever wished for from this book,” Heath said.

The book entitled ‘Wishes Are Medicine’ is the story of how Jamie recovered from a brain aneurysm at age 14.

“I had to learn how to walk again, and even to read, but my pet turtle Bob he helped me,” Jamie said, reading from the book.

The story tells about the ups and downs of healing when you're very sick.

Her mom, and her pet turtle Bob are important characters.

She describes how she moved “as slow as a turtle”, how her mom called her “Granny Grunt”, and how there were days she didn’t want to get out of bed.

But as Jamie tells it, her health improved as soon as she was granted a wish from the Make-A-Wish foundation.

“My wish gave me hope, my wish gave me strength, my wish was medicine.”

Jamie's wish to swim with sea turtles in Hawaii came true, and Jamie's health continued to improve when she got back.

“It opened the gateway to allow me to heal,” Heath said.

James Hathaway, CEO of Make-A-Wish Vermont, was so moved by Jamie’s story he asked her to write a book about it.

“The main thing we are hoping to get across is right in the title, Wishes Are Medicine,” said Hathaway.

Which is why Jamie and her mom were so moved when they got the hard copy. The story is already helping other sick kids.

“I am so happy I was able to touch the hearts of so many people.”

Jamie's book is available locally at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs, where she did Thursday's book signing.

The book is also available by clicking here.

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