Veterans staff Hoosick deli

Adam Cain owns the Big Moose Deli in Hoosick. He and his employees are all U.S. veterans.

HOOSICK -- If you travel Route 7, the Big Moose Deli is hard to miss.

But it's not the decorations that make the place special -- it's the staff.

A lot of people say that, but in this case, it means something different. All the staff are U.S. veterans.

In fact, the Big Moose is the only certified disabled veteran-owned deli in the whole state.

After 10 years of active duty, Troy resident and owner Adam Cain came home in culture shock -- and isolated himself for about two years.

Now, with the help of his deli, this husband and father of two is finding other vets who have gone through the same experience.

He and his staff also say volunteering is important to them. The loneliness of coming home motivates him to volunteer -- and try to help all the vets he can.

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