Warning from local homeowner about company she hired


SCHENECTADY, NY (WRGB) A Schenectady woman is warning others after she said she paid for work to be done at her home, but it wasn’t at all what she expected.

The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said a man recently came to her door offering to do some work on her sidewalk and her foundation.

“He said he wanted to ask me about fixing the house, and that he would give me a good deal,” she said.

She said that he told her he was doing work in the neighborhood and she had seen his truck parked across the street. She figured that if her neighbor trusted the company she could as well.

“I assumed if he's working there they would be halfway decent people,” she said.

When he and his crew were done, the woman said the man came to the door for payment. She told CBS6 News that the man told her it was more than she was quoted because they ran into more work.

“I didn't think of going to check it because I just believe in everybody,” said the woman.

She said that she paid close to $2,000, signed the receipt, and the crew was gone. She realized later the work wasn't what she expected and that her neighbor hadn't hired the company as she’d been told. She said she is sharing her story to warn others.

“I’d like to help somebody else,” she said.

CBS6 News tried calling the number on the card that the man left with her, but it went right to voicemail.

BBB Communications Director Melanie McGovern said this story is a good reminder that consumers need to be alert this time of year as companies may start going door to door looking for clients.

“That out of state plate, that car that's not marked, they don't have a business card, they don't have a website, they're hesitant to give you any information, they're putting pressure on you at the door to sign something right away, those are all red flags,” she said.

McGovern said that a reputable company won't mind if you want to do a little research on them first. She said you can always look a business up on the BBB website. You can also file complaints about a company there as well. The Schenectady woman said that she knows she should have done more research first, but in the moment she thought she could trust the man at her door.

“You try to do the best you can for everybody. They need jobs, and I needed it done,” she said.

The woman also told CBS6 News that she called police, but was told that because she signed the receipt there wasn’t much they could do. She is out that money, and said she now has to wait until next month to be able to pay her bills.

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