Watervliet Police catch suspects with help from Colonie’s drone

WATERVLIET (WRGB) – Watervliet Police are thanking Colonie Police for their help with arresting two suspected car thieves. They used Colonie Police’s drone.

On October 2, Watervliet Police got a report of a stolen car on 7th Street. Police spotted the car in Troy. After a brief chase, the car crashed in Watervliet. The two occupants got out and ran. One, Carey Conyers, was caught quickly. The other, Tyon Baker, got away and hid.

Watervliet Police searched for an hour, and when the sun started to set, they called in help with the search. They believed Baker was hiding in the swampy, tall grass field behind the Fed Ex Building in Menands.

Colonie Police brought their two drones. One has a thermal imaging camera. They launched the drone and found the suspect within ten minutes.

Colonie Police showed CBS 6 the drone video. You can see the suspect surrender, and the officers move in and take him into custody.

“It had rained that day, pretty much all day, so the ground was very cool. And with the thermal imaging, you're comparing the body temperature against the ground temperature, which there was a vast difference, which really made him stand out like a sore thumb,” Watervliet Police Chief Mark Spain said.

Conyers and Baker were charged with felony Criminal Possession of Stolen Property and misdemeanor Obstruction of Governmental Administration.

Chief Spain says they likely wouldn’t have found the suspect that night if it wasn’t for Colonie Police’s help and use of their drone.

“I think that kind of technology in today's world is something that makes our job a lot easier, and a lot safer,” Chief Spain said.

Menands Police, Troy Police, and the Albany County Sheriff’s Department Communications Staff also assisted.

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