Well this stinks, the reasons your trash bill may be going up in the Capital Region


ALBANY, NY (WRGB) When the garbage truck comes, we don't usually think about where our trash goes. Not anymore.

Local trash collector, Saratoga County-based Advantage Disposal just put out a letter to customers, announcing an $0.85 per week price hike. The letter states several reasons for the increase, the first being that the company will now have to drive farther to dump trash.

“No new landfill space, that's the issue. The State of New York is not issuing permits,” said Albany Superintendent of Sanitation Services Joe Giebelhaus.

With the Albany landfill scheduled to close, it has severely limited what trash it will take. Montgomery County just announced, it will stop taking trash from outside the county on March 31st. As landfills fill up, Giebelhaus says trash collectors are having to haul garbage farther and farther away.

“We're not the only landfill that’s closing in the State of New York, it's happening everywhere, the trash is generally going from East to West at this point,” Giebelhaus said.

Driving and shipping garbage elsewhere is costing collectors more, and that price is trickling down to your wallet.

“Taxpayers are going to have to pay more for their waste disposal cost,” Giebelhaus said.

Fulton County Landfill in Johnstown, is one of the few around that still has room.

“We have several municipal contracts,” said Jeff Bouchard, Operations Consultant for the Fulton County Landfill.

The county just invested more than 6 million dollars to expand, so that it can continue to take trash from municipalities that don't have the room.

“This is to address the disposal needs for Fulton County for the next 50 years,” Bouchard said.

The cost of recycling is also playing a role in higher prices. Most of our recycling is shipped to China, but this year China announced it would be cutting down on imports beginning January 1st. Another issue expected to hit our wallets.

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