Widespread storm damage stuns Saugerties


"Dad told me there's a storm and we saw winds and everything so I shut all the doors, locked them, went in my room and all of the sudden I heard a big crash and the house shook and I saw the tree and I just started screaming," said Abby Hopf.

10 year old Abby says she was terrified when the massive tree on her front lawn came crashing down on her house, just missing her bedroom window by inches.

"And my bed is like right around where the tree hit just over by the window," Abby said.

When asked if she could believe what happened, the 10 year old responded "No!"

And Abby isn't alone in her post-storm shock.

Widespread damage throughout Saugerties has many residents in disbelief.

"Never seen anything that caused such an uproar in this neighborhood," said Brandon Anders.

Anders says he watched as the storm worsened.

"Pretty soon what I noticed is it just became just absolutely pure white-out."

He says hail stones pummeled the area.

"They were about the size of wood chips."

More than hail fell here at the town's sports and recreation complex.

Strong winds brought down massive trees, power lines, fencing, and even a port-a-potty.

Anders says he's never seen damage like this in real life before.

"I was always fond of storm chasing as a kid, after the movie 'Twister,' and I was like 'oh I finally got my first experience with it!'"

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