Witness recalled to stand three times in Oquendo murder trial


The trial of Johnny Oquendo in Troy continues as the prosecution wraps up its witnesses on the stand. On Tuesday, the jurors finally saw the suitcase in evidence that Noel Alkaramla's body was stuffed in and thrown in the Hudson River.

The prosecution again called Oquendo's ex-girlfriend Amanda Whitman to the stand to try and link the luggage to Oquendo.

Amanda Whitman was called back to the stand twice on Tuesday after being slammed with accusations of sexual misconduct last week by the defense. The suitcase - which prosecution has been trying to match to Oquendo this whole trial - was shown to the jury for the first time today. Whitman testified, "yes, that's Johnny's suitcase," and says she saw it inside the closet in the apartment they shared.

She said during cross examination that she has the ability to communicate with the dead, and that she saw visions of Noel Alkaramla tied up and unable to breathe. Whitman was granted immunity in her testimony - and she admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking heavily during the time of November 2015.

The court also saw video captured by security cameras at the Taylor apartments in Troy. In the video, you can see an individual rolling a suitcase, but it's very difficult to identify that person.

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