Woman accused of kicking Albany cop in groin

Brittany Kilcher.jpg

ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) - A woman who told CBS 6 just over ten days ago that she was going to sue police for how they treated her is in trouble for how police say she treated them.

Brittany Kilcher, 24, is facing assault charges after police say she kicked an Albany police officer in the groin and kicked a booking clerk in the shin.

According to Albany police, Kilcher confronted officers at about 4:00 a.m. Monday while they were out patrolling North Pearl Street.

Kilcher is currently taking steps to sue State Police over a July traffic stop in Saratoga Springs. She says an officer knocked her phone out of her hands as she was recording.

CBS 6 interviewed Kilcher ten days ago regarding that incident. At the time, she said it was outside of her character to be involved in that type of incident.

"I volunteer actively,” she said. “I've been teaching self-defense with police departments. I am not a cop hater at all. I sit on DA boards and I don't say any of that to be self-serving. I understand that everyone has different views on this but the fact is the law is the law.”

Kilcher is facing a harassment charge in Saratoga. Now she's also facing two assault charges in Albany. The officer who was kicked has been treated and released.

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