Senior challenge takes dangerous turn at Texas high school

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EL PASO, Texas (CBS4/KFOX14) - A senior prank took a dangerous turn at Canutillo High School north of El Paso. One student said she's become a target for bullying. The senior challenge is a list of 101 challenges that seniors can complete to earn points.

"I think it's just all for fun. So I don't see anything wrong with it,” said Canutillo High senior Karizma Calderon.

Challenges include smoking marijuana in class, jumping out of a moving car, stealing, streaking and tagging a police car. The rules say teams must pay $10 to enter the challenge.

"Whoever gets the most points out of the senior challenge from the list gets the money, which is around $6,000 right now,” said Hazel Roldan, a senior at Canutillo High.

Roldan said challenge No. 56 -- “Jump over a midget” -- terrifies her. Roldan said she is the only little person in the school.

"Midget is the most offensive word,” Roldan said. “It's basically like saying the N-word to an African-American.

She said the object of the challenge is more than offensive -- it's dangerous.

"Because I have more fragile bones,” Roldan said.

"She can't even go into jumping balloons because her clavicles are very unsteady,” said Aridna Segura, Roldan’s mother.

As soon as Roldan heard about the challenge, she went to the principal, Teresa Clapsaddle, to ask for help.

"(Clapsaddle) said, 'OK, I'll send a remind(er) message to see what we can do to stop this,'” Roldan said.

Roldan said Clapsaddle sent out a text alert to students reading, "if jumping a small person (midget) is one of your challenges, you stay away from Hazel Roldan!!!”

"So, basically, she made it two times worse by putting my name and last name,” Roldan said.

After the text was sent, Roldan said her classmates called her a snitch.

"Basically, I'm the prey and she's giving the meal to them to come and get it,” Roldan said, referring to Clapsaddle. "Now I cannot even think about graduating or being happy about it. Now I'm in fear that something is going to happen to me."

Roldan showed us another text she said Clapsaddle sent out later, approving one of the challenge items: a water balloon fight.

The Canutillo Independent School District declined an on-camera interview, but sent us this statement:

"Our district takes a strong stance against derogatory language and/or harmful actions towards any individual. The principal took immediate action to thwart the proposed 'senior prank'. However, the choice of words by the students and principal were inappropriate and we will take this opportunity to teach and remind our students, staff and the community about respectful ways to refer to and treat all people."

The district didn't comment on the other challenges, some of which are against the law.

Roldan’s mother said she has contacted police. She said she wants to warn other parents before one of their children gets hurt.

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