Ohio considers adding medical marijuana conditions like autism and depression

Employee holding marijuana (Courtesy: WSYX)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) - As Ohio moves forward with medical marijuana, the state is looking into expanding the number of Ohioans who can get prescriptions. The State Medical Board is now considering adding conditions like opioid addiction, depression, and autism.

Here in Ohio, medical marijuana is expected to become available in Ohio dispensaries soon. As long as you have an allowable condition, including Aids, cancer or epilepsy you'll be able to buy it.

However, what about for people with anxiety or depression?

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"People who I have known personally, friends, associates, military, first responders and so forth have fallen into the opiate addiction arena,” said Tim Johnson with the Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce. “And through the use of cannabis, they were able to alleviate some of the use of the opiates."

Wednesday, the State Medical Board reviewed petitions to expand the number of conditions where medical marijuana is allowed to be used as a treatment.

Out of more than 100 petitions, the board voted to move nine petitions on for further review by experts. In those nine petitions, six conditions were included -- autism, chronic anxiety disorder, general anxiety disorder, insomnia, depression, and opiate use disorder.

By law, a decision needs to be made about the conditions by June 30.

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