Unexpected Christmas gift for color-blind teen caught on camera

Cole Williams, a car-hop at Sonic in Sheridan, was surprised by his co-workers with a pair of enchroma glasses that allowed him to see true colors for the first time. (Photo: KATV)

The surprise of a lifetime was all caught on camera for a teenage car-hop at a Sonic Drive-In, a surprise Cole Williams' boss said started with other videos of the exact same thing.

"At home, I try to watch better, feel-good videos on YouTube, instead of all the stuff that's usually on there," said Chris Fisher, assistant manager at the Sonic in Sheridan, Arkansas. "I came across some of them and the next day at work I just kind of mentioned it to them, see if they had ever seen them and he had mentioned that he was color blind."

So when it came time for Secret Santa, Fisher decided to take Williams' name out of the hat, and asked his co-workers to pitch in on a bigger gift for Williams instead. Fisher wanted to give Williams a pair of enchroma glasses.

"I wasn't supposed to know my Secret Santa," said Williams. "But I asked one of my other managers. I was like, who's my Secret Santa? And she was like, well the whole store was basically your Secret Santa."

The video Fisher posted to Facebook shows Williams opening the box that contained his enchroma glasses - the glasses that allow a color blind person to see true colors for the first time. The gift was enough to make Williams cry, thanking each of his coworkers individually with a hug.

But when it came time to try on the glasses, you can hear Williams hyperventilating - he said the glasses were absolutely life-changing.

"Like I told Fisher, I was like this is my favorite Christmas present ever," recalled Williams. "And I got a car last year."

Where else would Williams put the glasses to the true test? Nowhere else but the Christmas light display at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs.

"I texted one of my managers and I said I don't have a favorite color anymore and I'm kind of bummed about that," said Williams. "I had no idea that everything was so pretty."

Williams said he was most blown away by the card that came with the glasses. The card had a personal message from each co-worker, making him realize he doesn't have just a job - he has a family.

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