Are your elected officials typing those tweets?


    There’s a good chance if you’re on social media, you follow the Twitter accounts of a few politicians. But when you read those tweets, are those words coming directly from the elected official? It’s become clear that President Donald Trump writes his own tweets, often in the middle of the night. As for NYS politicians, we asked a few of the more prolific tweeters, and found that many are doing it all themselves.

    Perhaps the most prolific politician in the Capital Region when it comes to Twitter is Assemblymember Angelo Santabarbara of Rotterdam. He tells us that every single word you read on his account comes directly from his fingers. He says he feels it’s a vital method for keeping in touch with constituents and letting them know what’s on his mind.

    Another frequent tweeter is Assemblymember Ray Walter of Western New York, who also says all the words you read are his.

    It’s a different story at the highest levels of NYS government – Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul does not write her own tweets; her staffers say they basically quote her words at various events, and then have the Lt. Governor approve the tweets.

    We’d like to be able to tell you about Governor Cuomo’s Twitter tendencies, but despite repeated requests in person and via email, his staff will not tell us the workings of his Twitter account.

    One of the busiest politicians in New York last fall was Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis, the Republican candidate for New York City Mayor. Despite the rigors of the campaign trail, she says she ignored pleas from her staff to give up her tweeting duties – she says she didn’t want to lose touch with the people. She lost that race, but never lost contact with her Twitter followers.

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