Countdown on for NY to remove illegal highway signs

    6P WE HIGHWAY SIGNS PKG_frame_603.png

    ALBANY N.Y. (WRGB) -- With one month to go until the federal deadline to take down New York's illegal highway tourism signs, the signs still stand. All 500-plus of them that you paid more than $8 million for.

    The federal government has been telling the state for years that the signs have to go because they are dangerous and violate federal regulations. If they don't come down by the end of September, the state will lose $14 million in federal highway funds.

    The state has done all it can to avoid the federal decree. When CBS6 asked the state DOT if and when the signs are coming down, they would not answer, and instead released this statement: "We are in ongoing discussions with FHWA and fully expect to have a mutually beneficial agreement in place before the September deadline."

    CBS6 will keep you updated, as we have since we broke this story three years ago.

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