New corruption sheriff vows to shake up Albany


ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) - In a state plagued by corruption, the NYS Senate Investigations Committee has been surprisingly quiet in recent years. But a change in leadership could mean a dramatic change for the committee, and anyone involved with any kind of state business.

31-year-old freshman Senator James Skoufis, a Democrat from Orange County, is the new chair of that committee.

He has hired a team of investigators, he has subpoena power, and he is vowing to shake up the State Capitol while rooting out corruption, fraud and abuse. His committee has broad oversight powers and he says he is "building the committee back up up from nothing".

Skoufis says no one is out of bounds, including Governor Andrew Cuomo and his economic development programs, which Skoufis has been highly critical of as a member of the NYS Assembly.

Skoufis tells us he is already started investigating pharmacy benefit managers amid concerns they could be manipulating prices and hurting consumers. And he promises there are many more investigations to come.

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