Decision looms on possible New York lawmaker pay raise


ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) - Do New York lawmakers deserve a pay raise?

We should have an answer in just about a week from now. It was revealed Wednesday that on December 6, the Compensation Committee dealing with that issue should be making its decision.

The committee met in Albany Wednesday for a public hearing -- just a handful of speakers addressed the committee. Among them, Blair Horner of NYPIRG, who said that if lawmakers are given a raise, their outside income should be restricted.

New York lawmakers are the third highest paid lawmakers in the country -- a base salary just under $80,000 and stipends for many starting at an additional $9,000.

They have not had a raise in 20 years. Horner says if the raise matches the rate of inflation, the new salary would be about $120,000.

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