Taxpayer-funded flier touts Saratoga Springs charter


CBS 6 has another very questionable taxpayer-funded flier to tell you about this election season.

It's a flier sent out by the Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission using money that comes from taxpayers that seems to clearly advocate for passage of the charter.

There are no pros and cons on this flier -- just pros. Here are a few examples. The flier says the proposed charter:

  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves consistency and readability of the charter
  • Is responsible, balanced, streamlined and flexible
  • And, there is a quote from Mayor Meg Kelly saying the updated charter "will enhance our city's operations and support our progress."

The mayor's office sent CBS 6 to the Charter Commission, with the commission vice chair saying he thinks the flier does not advocate for a position.

CBS 6 couldn't change his mind on that, even though the flier sings the praises of the new charter and does not include any of the points made by those who oppose

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