You Paid For It: $15 million gondola

You Paid For It: $15 million dollar gondola (WRGB)

ALBANY , NY (WRGB)-- For government waste at the state Capitol these days, a $15 million aerial gondola for the New York State Fair.

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are raising questions, and now so are the feds.

The money for the gondola is in the state budget, and it would be similar to a gondola at the Texas State Fair.

Just one problem: the people we talked to from Syracuse, who were actually on a task force to help decide how state funds should be used for state fair improvements, don't think a gondola, to move people from an ampitheatre to a fair gate, is what's needed.

Not even close.

Now the Federal Highway Administration says it needs some answers, because the gondola would actually cross a major highway.

The proposal came from Gov. Cuomo, and we asked the governor's office to address these concerns, we didn't get a response.

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