You Paid for It: Colonie roundabout

You Paid for It: Colonie roundabout (WRGB)

COLONIE, NY (WRGB)--Our “You Paid For It” reports are usually about government waste, but this story is just the opposite.

A Colonie landscaper has offered his services, free of charge, to beautify and maintain the roundabout in front of the CAP COM Federal Credit Union building in Colonie.

Most of the trees and shrubs there had died, and Pete Rossi says he was tired of driving by and seeing all the brown lifeless plants. Rossi owns Landscape Inc., and stepped in to make a difference and save the town thousands of dollars.

He brought in rocks and dirt and flora galore, and what was a town eyesore, is now a point of pride.

The total cost to taxpayers - absolutely nothing.

All Rossi gets out of it is a small sign next to his work.

He also says he will continue to maintain and water the site.

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