You Paid For It: NY hit with fine over highway signs


UPDATE: New statement today 2/2/18 from FHWA on NYS highway signs

“The Federal Highway Administration intends to continue to work with NYSDOT to resolve this issue. If the state complies with federal requirements, the FHWA will reinstate funding by Sept. 30, 2018.”

- Federal Highway Administration


ALBANY, NY (WRGB) New York State has just been hit with a fine over promotional state signs along NYS roadways.

Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration has hit the state with a 14 million dollar fine in a letter released on Thursday.

Greg Floyd spoke with the Department of Transporation. They say in a statement "We believe the signs are safe and provide useful information to drivers, and will continue to work with FHWA on a mutually beneficial resolution to this matter. "

The controversy over the signs has been ongoing for close to 4 years, the signs costing tax payers millions of dollars.

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