You Paid For It: Political mailers


You’ve no doubt found some in your mailbox over the years – taxpayer-funded mailers that look very much like campaign literature. They are fliers that have large photos of the incumbent lawmaker and tout that person’s accomplishments.

In the NYS Senate there is a rule that no mailers can be sent out in the 30 days right before a general election.

In one local Senate district, several came out this year right up against that deadline, and you paid for it.

Sen. Jim Tedisco mailed out a few fliers late in the season, one of them with a large photo of the Senator with the tag line “Standing up for us." Other Tedisco mailers talked of securing funding for women’s health issues and combating crime.

Tedisco defends the taxpayer-funded mailers that tout his own accomplishments, and says in his sprawling district with limited internet service in places, mail is the best way to keep in touch with some constituents.

Good government groups have long decried the practice of sending out mailers that can be mistaken for campaign literature.

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