You Paid For It: Sheldon Silver money

ALBANY--You heard some big numbers last week from the judge in the Sheldon Silver sentencing.

As part of the sentencing for his corruption conviction, Silver has been ordered to make a forefeiture payment of more than $5 million and pay a fine of $1.75 million.

Are you wondering we're wondering? Where does that money go?

Our Greg Floyd asked here's what he learned.

It's not clear if the New York taxpayers Silver ripped off will see any of that money.

The $5 million goes to the Department of Justice Assets forfeiture fund, and pursuant to federal regulations, but it can be used to compensate victims and support certain law enforcement efforts.

It can also be moved to the general treasury fund.

The exact distribution has yet to be determined.

So right now, DOJ hasn't decided where the money will go, if any will be coming back to New York State.

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