YPFI: Taste NY rest area rehab

MONTGOMERY CO. (WRGB) -- It's a YPFI exclusive and a story that's almost hard to believe. A brand new "New York State Rest Area" is now being ripped apart and rehabbed less than a year after it opened.

It's all happening along the New York State Thruway between Fultonville and Canajoharie and it's happening with your money.

It opened to great fanfare in July, the Taste New York Store and Living History Rest Area at Lock E-13, just west of Fultonville. It was celebrated with an open house in August.

Now, jackhammers are ripping apart parts of the stairs and sidewalks, as for the inside, it's now been gutted.

There are construction trucks and construction workers everywhere, huge holes being dug for huge pilings. The question is why? Why build this nice new rest area and then tear it apart just a few months later?

When it opened, Canal Corporation Director Brian Stratton said "I am so pleased with the hard work and planning hat went into this project."

Now, much of that planning and hard work has gone out the window and is now just a pile of rubble.

You paid for it, so we went looking for answers, we tried the Governor's Office, he has championed Taste NY and put out a big fancy press release when the site opened. He wasn't at the Capital, he's in New York City.

I did show local lawmakers what's happening and got a shocked reaction.

After the Capital, we went to Thruway headquarters, asking for specifics about costs and why this work wasn't done with the original project. All I got was a generic statement that didn't answer any of my questions.

People in the know tell me there is a rush order to get this done before the start of the summer tourism season. The same type of emergency order that was issued last year to get all those NYS tourism highway signs installed, signs the federal government say are illegal.

We will keep you posted on the progress, and of course the cost.

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