Grilling essentials that everyone needs this summer

Consider checking out the Lake George Outlets for all your grilling essentials this season.

At this time of year, everyone starts thinking about grilling, and what accessories they need to kick their summer cooking up a notch. Consider checking out the Lake George Outlets for all your grilling essentials this season.

Start at Le Creuset in the Log Jam Outlets. Le Creuset offers a selection of grill pans and griddles that are not only compatible but also give you that delicious grilled flavor with the convenience of indoor cooking for those rainy summer days.

Now through June 2nd, you can get your hands on this fantastic find: $120 off a 2 quart shallow Dutch oven. Le Creuset Dutch ovens are the number one recommended Dutch oven by America's Test Kitchen. Why? Because of their incredible strength and durability. The Dutch oven's cast iron structure helps to maintain consistent—heat perfect for slow-cooking, braising, and roasting. It's a versatile essential. You can use it on a grill on a beautiful summer day or take it inside. It's also stove top and oven-friendly.

You may also want to grab a pair of these stainless-steel tongs to go with your new cookware. They are dishwasher safe, and the handles lock for compact storage.

Next, visit the Kitchen Collection in Adirondack Outlet Mall. The Kitchen Collection is offering 20 percent discount on one regular priced item from now until July 1. They carry a full line of grilling accessories and table dcor for your backyard summer soirees.

Consider their "gadgets of the month" promotion. This May, for only $4.97 each you can pick up a Procter Silex Silicone Egg Cooker set or a Fun Time 14-piece stainless-steel straw set, which is trending because they are environmentally-friendly. Cut-back on single-use plastic straws by grabbing a package of these today! They work great in smoothies and summer cocktails.

If you're in need of some outdoor accessories and more grilling essentials, be sure to stop by the LL Bean Outlet in the Adirondack Outlet Mall. You'll find a wide variety of coolers, fire pits, portable kitchen sets, and more.

You can save hundreds of dollars while at the Factory Outlets at Lake George by visiting the website at for coupons to all your favorite stores.

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