How to Make Sure Your Kid’s Back-to-School Purchases are School-Appropriate

One of the most challenging parts of back-to-school shopping is balancing what your kids WANT to buy and wear with what they NEED to buy and wear.

One of the most challenging parts of back-to-school shopping is balancing what your kids WANT to buy and wear with what they NEED to buy and wear.

The want vs. need dichotomy doesn’t only manifest in considerations like practical vs. impractical, seasonally appropriate vs. ill-suited to the weather – it also comes to the forefront when discussing school dress codes.

Use the tips below and head to The Factory Outlets of Lake George to find clothing your kids will like and wear that won’t violate dress codes.

1.Know before you go

Look up the school or county dress code online so you know what you’re working with.

If the school requires uniforms, make sure you know the brand or store that you have to buy from – you don’t want to end up buying clothes for school that your kids can’t wear to school!

If uniforms aren’t required, dig down into the details of the dress code. Are girls allowed to wear sleeveless tops but not tank tops? Is there a rule about baggy pants on boys? Knowing the rules (and maybe even bringing a copy along) will ensure that any discussions about what is and isn’t acceptable will be based on the facts rather than arbitrary suppositions.

2.Rely on companion pieces

If your kid is drawn to clothes that don’t fit the dress code for some reason, try to find companion pieces that will make the clothes they like acceptable for school.

A miniskirt might be too short on its own, but when worn over coordinated jean leggings it might be perfectly acceptable. Think about sweaters than can go over tank tops, leggings or pants that can go under shorter skirts and dresses and camisoles that can go under midriff-baring tops – smart layering opens up a world of school-appropriate possibility.

3.Try to approximate benefits

If an article of clothing just won’t fly, like baggy jeans, talk to your kid about why they prefer that look and explore ways to capture the same benefit. For instance, maybe your son prefers baggy jeans because besides looking cool, they’re more comfortable than tighter styles. Finding a slimmer cut with more elasticity captures comfort, even if it doesn’t capture the same look.

You can try the same thing with other articles of clothing. Maybe the sparkly flats aren’t as lovable as the heels, but they’re still sparkly and they’re a lot more wearable and appropriate.

4.Consider opening with a compromise

If budget allows, you can consider letting your kid purchase one item that maybe isn’t on the list or doesn’t fit with the school dress code. It might not even be clothing! Doing so allows them a little bit of autonomy and adds a bright note to what some kids might see as an otherwise boring shopping trip.

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