How to throw a fall birthday party your kids will love

Liberty Ridge Farm is the perfect location for your little one’s fall birthday party. Rent a cabin, make s'mores, and hang out with your favorite barn animals!

The children with summer birthdays have it so easy—from swimming pools, to water balloon fights, to barbeques; the options for party planning are endless.

But for the autumn-born, birthday party ideas don’t seem quite as plentiful. It’s not like you can bob for apples year after year.

Liberty Ridge Farm is changing that nonsense. The 100-acre farm is only a hop, skip, and jump from all major cities in the Capital Region, and it’s the perfect location for your little one’s fall birthday party. They shared a few birthday party ideas that are sure to please even the toughest of crowds:

Rent a cabin. If you don’t have the backyard space to host dozens of children for a day of outdoor activities, consider renting a rustic farmhouse cabin for an afternoon. The cabins at Liberty Ridge Farm have a buffet table and banquet table—so decorate as you wish, set up your favorite games, and of course, bring lots of birthday cake. The standard birthday package includes a cabin rental, 13 party pumpkins, one large kettle corn, and two animal feed cups to share.

Have s’more fun around the campfire. Gather ‘round a warm campfire in the evening to tell ghost stories, enjoy sing-along songs, and play games. The staff at Liberty Ridge will also provide firewood, light the fire, and leave you roasting sticks, so bring a giant bag of marshmallows and chocolates to cook to perfection. Want to really get in the campfire birthday spirit? Bake a s’mores birthday cake for your little one (this one from Sally’s Baking Addiction is sure to be a hit!).

Practice your paintball skills. Here’s a shooting game you’ll finally approve of—family-friendly paintball at the farm! Your kids can test their paintball skills in a non-contact shooting gallery. Liberty Ridge has a variety of fall and Halloween-themed targets—can you hit them all?

Hang out at Brad’s Barnyard. Chickens, donkeys, and goatsoh my! Hang out with the farm animals, pet the horses, and test your kid’s knowledge about each furry or feathery friend at different stations. Brad’s Barnyard has plenty of other adventures too! See how fast your kiddos can run in the giant gerbil wheel, watch them race their buddies in pedal karts, and take a ride on the corn cob express.

Get lost in a corn maze. Explore the largest corn maze in the Capital Region! This year’s maze is cut into 13-foot tall corn stalks that span over 11 acres. And when (or if!) you make it out of the maze, check out the Maize Museum—you can even grind corn into flour!

Liberty Ridge Farm has plenty of activities for the whole family. To learn more about birthday parties, cabin rentals, and other fall fun, call 518-664-1515 or visit Liberty Ridge Farm online at