Nightmares at Liberty Ridge Farm terrifies patrons with another season of screams

Visit Nightmares at Liberty Ridge Farm to experience the spookiest attractions in Upstate New York.

Not for the faint of heart, Nightmares at Liberty Ridge Farm goes beyond your annual fall haunted house.

As the sun sets over the Farm, your nightmare begins with spine-shuttering thrills that’ll bring chills among even the bravest of souls.

At Nightmares, you will find not one, but six haunted attractions. Each twist and turn is crawling with ghosts, goblins, monsters, and ghouls.

You'll be lucky to make it through all six...

Field of Screams

From the sky, the Field of Screams features twists and turns of a creature that has long since passed: Frankenstein. Under the harvest moon, monsters wake to hunt. Test your directional skills, and see if you can make it out of the field before you become one of them.

Fort Hunt-D

If you make it through the Field of Screams corn maze, your next task is to make it through this wooden fence maze that is haunted by souls of the past. Can you find the tower at the end and make it out alive?

3D McCobb Manor

This haunted house will leave you seeing double. As you make your way through the Manor, you may feel like you are being watched; and you areby the eyes of souls that have stayed well past their check-out date.

Forest of Fear

A faint footpath will lead you through this forest, but no one knows exactly where the trail leads. As you walk through, make sure that you do not stray too far off the path the old farmer is always out there somewhere.

The Farmer’s Haunted House

Take a trip down yonder to meet the Farmer and his wife’s in their dilapidated home. It may not look like much from the outside, but don’t worry - the Farmer takes excellent care of everyone who comes to visit.

The Underworld Tunnel

Travel down beneath the Earth and discover where all that is gruesome resides. This 175-foot tunnel of terror is disgusting and shocking. Beware the souls of the old miners, some say they can still hear the clanking of their axes down below.

Visit Nightmares at Liberty Ridge Farm to experience the spookiest attractions in upstate New York. To learn more about tickets, pricing, directions, and more, call 518-664-1515 or check out