Beyond the Games: Matthew Silverman

The New York Mets won 20 of their first 24 games in 1986.

In fact, they had the division sewed up by September 17th.

They went on to win 108 games, which ranks among the best regular seasons in league history, and then, of course famously beat the Red Sox in seven games, to capture the second World Series title in franchise history.

That was one of the most impressive teams in big league history.

It was 30 years ago, and the Mets haven't won a World Series since.

You might call it a one-year dynasty, and actually, that is exactly what author Matt Silverman called it in his book about the '86 season which came out this year.

Silverman, who grew up in white plains, but now lives in the Kingston area, has written several books on the Mets, and several more that all have to do with baseball...

One perk of being a writer, he sets his own schedule.

And he makes sure he leaves about 40 summer nights open, to drive two hours round-trip, so he can work as an usher at "The Joe."

And the biggest perk of that job, is getting to tell stories about his favorite past time.

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