Travers Day at NYRA/SPAC concert traffic and safety plan

Horses at the starting gate

SARATOGA SPRINGS -- The Saratoga Springs Police Department wants to make sure that all of our residents and visitors to our lovely City on Travers Day have a safe and enjoyable experience. In the spirit of making that experience as enjoyable as possible, we are offering some traffic and safety tips for the day.

Racetrack Arrival:

Parking / Admission: NYRA run parking lots will open at 6:45am and admission to the racetrack will begin at 7:00am. In an effort to reduce traffic congestion, lengthy parking delays and the potential for missing the start of the races, we are asking those attending the races to arrive early and leave yourselves plenty of time to make it in to the track. Post-time for the first race is 11:35am.

Private Parking Lots: Are available on the Union Ave and Nelson Ave sides of the racetrack. Patrons of those lots should make sure to lock their vehicles and write down the address where the vehicle is parked so it can be found at the end of the day. Because of the high volume of private parking lots and patrons, police officers will not be available to assist someone in locating their vehicle until many hours after the races have concluded for the day.

Buses: All buses, regardless of size, will be directed to enter the Oklahoma Racetrack on East Avenue at Gate 21 (Potato Chip Lane). A NYRA employee will direct the buses to a parking location. This location on the Oklahoma Track is where patrons will be dropped off and should return to at the end of the day. Buses will NOT be allowed to drop-off or pick-up on Union Ave , East Ave or Nelson Ave.

Handicapped Parking: NYRA has limited handicapped parking at the Main Gate Entrance, Rec Hall Entrance (Union Ave), and Oklahoma Track (Potato Chip Lane off of East Ave). The NYRA handicapped parking locations are paid parking.

Taxis: Should drop-off all patrons at the Wright Street Gate off of Nelson Ave. Taxis will NOT be allowed to stop in traffic on Union Ave or Nelson Ave to drop off fares. Taxis will only be available at the Wright Street Gate at the end of the day and should instruct their fares throughout the day of that. There is a specifically designated area on Wright Street for taxis.

Limousines: ALL limousines are instructed to drop-off and pick-up on Frank Sullivan Place near the Clubhouse Gate. There is a designated drop-off/pick-up/parking area for limousines.

Interstate 87: We ask those using I-87 (North or South) to arrive at the racetrack to take advantage of all three exits (13, 14, 15) to get to the racetrack. This alleviates lengthy traffic delays at exit 14 and then even further delays to find parking. Exit 13N to Rt. 9. Follow Rt. 9 North and turn right on Crescent Ave, Crescent St, or Lincoln Ave. All three streets lead directly to the racetrack. Exit 14 leads directly to Union Ave and the racetrack. This will be the most congested and will experience the longest delays. Exit 15 to C.V. Whitney Highway, left on to East Ave, racetrack straight ahead 1 mile.

Message Board Signs: Will be located on I-87, Union Ave and East Ave, indicating the track location, parking availability and return direction to the interstate. The message board signs will be updated continuously with present time information.

Residential Neighborhood: The Saratoga Racetrack, one of the most historic and majestic sporting venues in the world, is surrounded by residential neighborhoods. Although the racetrack and the neighborhoods have long blended together to provide such a unique setting and experience, it also provides some challenges. We ask all patrons to be aware of heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the neighborhoods and due caution should be given to both. All parking restrictions throughout the neighborhoods will be strictly enforced. Vehicles will be ticketed and towed at the owners expense if found to be in violation of the posted parking regulations, obstructing driveways or fire hydrants.

Buses: Shall load and depart through the Oklahoma Track to Henning Road. I-87 options will be visible when entering Henning Road.

Taxis: At the racetrack, Taxi pick-up will only be permitted on Wright Street outside the Clubhouse Gate. NO Taxi pick-up will be permitted on Nelson Ave or Union Ave in the driving lanes near the racetrack.

Ride Sharing / Uber: Ride Sharing / Uber pick-up will only be permitted on NYRA property at Gate 21 (East Ave / Potato Chip Lane) in a previously designated location. NO Ride Sharing pick-up will be permitted on Union Ave / Wright Street / Frank Sullivan Place or Nelson Ave in the area of the racetrack.

Union Ave: At 4pm on Travers Day the traffic pattern on Union Ave will be slightly adjusted by taking away all U-Turns and Left-Turns. From 4pm - 9pm Union Ave will strictly run East and West from Nelson Ave to Henning Road. West on Union Ave will go toward Downtown, East on Union Ave will take vehicular traffic to the I-87 North / South ramps.

East Ave: All vehicles parked along East Ave, on the Oklahoma side of East Ave and the private lots along East Ave, traffic will be directed to go North on East Ave. Once on East Ave those seeking Downtown can go left on Lake Ave, those seeking Rt. 29 east can go right on Lake Ave, and those seeking I-87 can continue straight on East Ave to the C.V. Whitney Highway and then east to Exit 15.

Nelson Ave: All vehicles parked on the Nelson Ave or Westside of the racetrack, should take Nelson Ave south for I-87 North / South, and Nelson Ave north to Union Ave for Downtown.

Crescent Street: At 4pm, Crescent Street will be closed at Jefferson Street to all West-bound traffic toward South Broadway. Those seeking Downtown will be able to go right (North) on Jefferson Street to Union Ave. Those seeking to reach RT 9 or the I-87 Exit 13 exchange will be instructed to go left (South) on Jefferson Street to Crescent Ave and then right (West) on Crescent Ave to RT 9.

SPAC Concert Arrival

Parking / Admission: The State Park opens at 8:00am and concert goers can go to the park any time after 8:00am, pay the $10 admission fee, spend the day and then attend the concert. The large parking lots on the East and West side of RT 50 will open at 2:00pm. Gates to the SPAC venue will open at 5:00pm. Parking in the RT 50 lots is also $10. Early arrival is strongly suggested to avoid parking issues and potential late entry to the concert.

** Concert arrival and start times will coincide with the running of the Travers Stakes Race and Racetrack departures. The following significant traffic changes will be put in to place at 3:00pm on Saturday, August 26th, 2017, to accommodate racetrack departure and concert arrival. Regardless of the changes, anyone waiting to attend the concert between 6:00pm and 8:00pm can expect significant delays in the RT 9 (South) and Exit 13 area. Such delays may cause concert goers to be late or miss the start of the concert.

SPAC Concert Directions:

Interstate I-87: We ask those using I-87 (North or South) to arrive at the concert take advantage of the following exits (12, 13, 15) to get to the concert. This will alleviate lengthy traffic delays. DO NOT attempt to use Exit 14. Exit 12 to RT 67 West, follow West to RT 50 North, RT 50 North to concert venue. Exit 13N provides two options. RT 9 North to the first entrance of the State Park, Left turn on to (East - West Rd) and parking will be available inside the State Park, Or first left off of I-87 onto Old Post Road, continue to Northline Road, right (West) onto Northline Road to Traffic Light at RT 50. Right onto RT 50 (North) to concert venue. This will be the most congested and experience the longest delays. Exit 14 - DO NOT USE. Exit 15 RT 50 South to Broadway, South on Broadway to RT 50 South and continue to concert venue, Or South on Broadway / RT 9 to the Avenue of the Pines. Avenue of the Pines option is the (least desirable).

From RT 9 South: Same directions as stated for Exit 13N.

From RT 50 South: Stay on RT 50 traveling North to the concert venue. DO NOT crossover to RT 9.

From the East: Follow the Exit 13N or Exit 15 options. DO NOT use any of the roadways in the area of the Racetrack as there will be significant delays in this area.

From the North: Follow the Exit 15 option.

From the West: Everyone coming from RT 9N, RT 29 and Geyser Road should stay on the RT 50 side of the concert venue. DO NOT crossover to RT 9 because you will experience significant delays.

*** Vehicles traveling North on RT 9 will NOT be allowed to access the (Avenue of the Pines). All Left Turns on RT 9 from the (Avenue of the Pines) to (West Fenlon Street) will be closed off.

*** SPAC patrons can also use for continuous concert traffic updates.

*** All Racetrack and Concert goers are encouraged to follow the Variable Message Signs (VMS) that are in place on I-87 , RT 9 and Union Ave, as they will flash updated messages throughout the day.

We hope that everyone has a very safe and enjoyable weekend!!

Thank You

John Catone

Asst. Chief of Police

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